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Creating a  future
together for every child

Community transformation
through education

Our Mission

To transform the lives of girls, boys, and children with quality education and comprehensive training, so that they can:

Finish high school and move on to university.

Be responsible citizens with strong social commitment.

Enter the labor market as positive action leaders.

Be active promoters of values such as life and family.

School Impact


How we work

The educational center offers comprehensive education and quality training to children from kindergarten through high school, with a model focused on the child and their cognitive, affective and psychomotor processes.

We want our students to be the protagonists of their own learning through active methodologies.

Our educational pillars are:


With just 5 US$ a low-income child
receives 1 day education 

Sponsorship Program


Teaching materials


English lessons


Mantainance of
facilities and buildings



Each monthly contribution you make allows us to cover many of the costs required by each student. These are, among others:

Sponsor a child

DSC_7766 1.png

The biggest challenge of the school is collecting funds to grant scholarships for those students who cannot afford paying a monthly tuition.

Becoming as a Mano Amiga Sponsor is giving a student the chance to access to comprehensive education of international quality; is giving them the possibility to finish their studies and enter the job market as responsible citizens, with solid values and a strong social commitment towards their own community.

communities through quality education

Story of a graduate

Franco Benitez graduated from school in 2019.

"Mano Amiga is the best foundation for a future full of possibilities to succeed."

Current situation: Working as a programmer for a company and with private clients, and teaching at Mano Amiga. Studying a Bachelor's degree in Systems at the University of General Sarmiento.

franco benitez.jpeg

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